The World of Visual Facilitation eu

The world's best visual facilitators in one book. With the basics, methodologies and practical cases from twelve countries around the world, among others the USA, the Netherlands, Germany, China and Australia.

Language: English

2019, The Visual Connection Publishers

The World of Visual Facilitation eu

Lieke Willemsen

Working as educationalist, I facilitate teams, education innovation and other projects. Especially the part about visual listening interests me. What I love about this book is that it provides a broad perspective of the field of visual working. Lots of first hand tips about visual working and facilitating people by using images. This book is a complete reference work

Natalia Tomassini

"The World of Visual Facilitation is a book where many leading professionals in visual thinking share their experience. We can find different situations in which they have provided visual support and a wide variety of materials, resources, stories and success stories. As a graphic recorder and trainer in visual thinking, I consider this book a wonderful source of learning and inspiration, highly recommended to those who share this visual passion."